Miguel Vargas

Software Consultant
Math Aficionado



I am a software consultant that has good experience with Python and JavaScript. I have been working with Django, Flask, Pandas and other technologies for more than 3 years.

I consider myself as a very ambitious and diligent person that is always trying to do his best or at least being heuristic when a problem requires an immediate solution.

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CS50 AP Puyo

I taught a programming course based on Harvard's CS50 to teenagers in my former high school. This high school is called San Vicente Ferrer, and it is located in Puyo, Ecuador. My students and I participated in several high school events such as "The Fair of Science and Technology", and we also organized an event to show case the final projects of my students.

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Trajectory Tracking

This is a project that uses ROS and Gazebo to simulate trajectory tracking algorithms implemented in the mobile robot Turtlebot 2. The algorithms that were employed are: a numerical method controller using Euler's approximation and a classical PID controller.

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Autonomous Flight

This project uses a numerical method controller to allow an AR Drone 2.0 to track a predefined trajectory. Robot Operating System (ROS) was used in this project, and the logic was implemented using Python 2. This was the final project required to graduate from university.

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AR Drone Simulation

This is a simulation made using MATLAB in order to test the design of a numerical method controller. The controller was designed to be used with a quadcopter. The approximation methods used for integration were the Euler's method and the trapezoidal method.

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